Company profile

IAI industrial systems has been at the forefront of laser and optical systems technology for many years, providing unique and advanced systems for a broad spectrum of industrial users. As a result of this experience and our extensive knowledge, IAI has gained an excellent reputation for the design and supply of industrial production systems where laser, optics, precision mechanics and control software play key roles.


Our core expertise
• Laser and optical technology
• System integration
• Designing unique lasers

Besides lasers, we also bring expertise in inkjet printing, materials processing, precision mechanics and control software to an issue. If you can imagine it, we will find a way to help you make it happen.

Expert in collaboration
We are continuously seeking knowledge and understanding from every source we can to fuel our creativity. From customers’ organisations, systems integrators and technology partners. From a broad network of universities, R&D departments, research institutes and specialists. And from our own team of knowledgeable experts.

IAI industrial systems

Market solutions

Today, our experience and expertise are focused on the following major areas:

  • Document Security Printing
  • Laser markets
  • New niche markets, such as automotive, semiconductors, solar and others

Document Security Printing
IAI designs, builds and supplies a range of personalisation systems to the security printing market. Some of the largest countries in the world have chosen IAI as their preferred partner to help them create passports, identity cards and banknotes with the most advanced security features. 



Laser markets
We also draw upon the expertise of our daughter company, FEHA LaserTec. For over 30 years, they have been developing, manufacturing and integrating highly sophisticated laser sources and optical components for a variety of applications in high precision processing operations.


Innovation across industries
We have been applying our expertise in lasers and optics to a variety of industries with demanding requirements over the years. These include renewable energy, automotive, packaging, semiconductors and more.  Our knowledge from a broad range of sectors has given us in-depth know-how and experience that work across industries.