IAI has brought the technology of contacting this type of cells to a new level with the introduction of the BackContacter. The BackContacter uses laser soldering technology to produce reliable contacts.

Back contact cells are considered to be the future of Si-based PV solar modules. Compared to conventional contacting technology, production of solar modules with back contact cells is less sensitive to cell breakage. Also, the module has a higher efficiency because a larger part of the surface is available to catch the sunlight.

Laser soldering has the advantage that it can be applied in a fully automated production process and product costs are low. Both soldering and laser technology have a proven track record in the solar industry and other markets.

The BackContacter is the first to combine laser technology and soldering for back contacts in the solar industry. The technology has been developed in close cooperation with Solland Solar to meet the demands of Solland Solar’s In-Laminate Soldering (ILS) process used in the production of its Sunweb® back contact module. The design proved to produce the same accurate contacts again and again while maintaining a high throughput. The system is safe and easy to operate and complies with CE-regulations. All parts of the system are accessible for easy maintenance.

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