IAI’s laser perforation technology was used to protect the ING Postbank cheque against document fraud.

Success story
Back in 1995, IAI made its first steps into the security printing market. We supplied a laser system to secure bank cheques. Cheque fraud was costing a Dutch bank a lot of money. IAI’s laser system was used to perforate the account number through the Postbank cheques. This offered protection against tampering with the printed account number. After the introduction, the bank never encountered a defrauded cheque again. Return on investment was reached within two months.

Synergy with other features
This success story shows the strength of combining IAI’s laser perforations with other features. In this case, the account number was perforated through the hologram, altering the document and the hologram irreversibly. A forger cannot replace the material that has been taken away with laser energy. This leaves them no other option than to forge the entire document with all its unique security features, a futile activity.

Of course, the success of a security feature also lies in the ease of use. It has to be recognised and remembered by the public. They must be able to check the feature without tools or training. IAI’s laser perforated features are first line features; they are visible with the naked eye and easy to check. You simply hold the document to a light source to see the perforations.

Economical solution
No expensive consumables are necessary in order to create laser perforated features. It requires an initial investment in the technology. After that, operational costs are very low. So the more documents you process, the lower the cost per document will be.