hypericoHigh quality material processing

The new HYPERICO2 laser family is a redesign of FEHA’s proven SMxxxE laser concept. As always, the diffusion cooled and direct current excited CO2 laser features the highest known beam quality on the market. The beam power can be adjusted from 5% up to the maximum nominal power, with the laser beam maintaining its excellent beam qualities and power stability. Some parameters, like the pointing stability, have been improved. The HYPERICO2 laser series offers lasers with a variety of wavelengths.

Drive down your cost of ownership

HYPERICO2 lasers are by far the CO2 lasers with lowest operating costs of their class – worldwide! Taking into account all costs from purchasing to operation, our products have the best cost of ownership. Furthermore, FEHA assures efficient service during the whole product life cycle (for a typical laser life time of 40.000 working hours).

Partner with FEHA

Over the years, FEHA has built upon its knowledge and expertise by supporting dozens of our customers’ application processes. Benefit from our expertise by partnering with FEHA. Together with you, we find the best solution for your applications, based on your design and engineering process. Get in touch with FEHA at www.feha-laser.de.