Laser applications

IAI is an expert in the application of laser and optical technology in industrial systems. Laser based applications can be used for a variety of innovative market solutions.

Extreme precision laser technology

As one of the world’s most successful pioneers in laser and optics technologies, we help you take the next step to the future. We have built our reputation on developing unique industrial applications and custom solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers and partners. From new levels of protection and productivity for passports, ID cards and banknotes to novel manufacturing processes and technologies that pave the way to new breakthroughs.


Get results that matter to you
Leading system integrators in security printing and other high-tech industries entrust IAI with their most challenging projects because they know we deliver results. With IAI, you get a partner with many years of experience in successfully developing and implementing new applications and technologies for a broad range of industries. Put IAI on your team and you can be sure of developing better solutions, quickly and cost-effectively.

An expert in laser and optical technologies
We started out as a specialist in developing laser and optical technologies for industrial applications. In 1998, we introduced the innovative ImagePerf® laser perforation technology – today it’s still one of the easiest, most economical and counterfeit-proof security features for passports. Since then, we have expanded and evolved our laser perforation technology into a variety of security applications being applied in banknotes, security certificates and other documents.

As we became deeply involved with our customers in security printing, we realized there was a high demand for integrated systems. In 2005, we introduced the first fully integrated system to perform the entire personalisation of a passport in one pass through the machine including verification of all operations performed. Today our BookMaster systems can provide a range of security features from programming biometric data into an embedded electronic chip to applying various laser perforation, laser engraving and inkjet printing applications to enhance the security of passports.

How do you shorten the path to success?

When you are exploring unknown territory an experienced guide is critical. If you are interested in developing new industrial applications or processes where lasers, optics, precision mechanics or control software play key roles, IAI can help. Our own broad expertise in industrial applications and systems integration allows us to develop high precision, high performance solution to meet the toughest challenges. You can also draw upon the key strengths of our sister company, FEHA lasertec, which specializes in designing and manufacturing highly sophisticated CO2 laser sources and optimal components for beam guiding and forming.


Innovation across industries
We have been applying our expertise in lasers and optics to a variety of industries with demanding requirements over the years. These include sustainable energy, automotive, aerospace, packaging, semiconductors and more. We offer fast and precise solutions for the packaging industry that produce easy-opening convenience. In the solar market, our custom designed system applies laser soldering technology to efficiently and cost-effectively manufacture back contact cells. Our knowledge from a broad range of sectors has given us in-depth know-how and experience that work across industries.

Break new trails
We are currently developing an innovative laser drilling system for the injection nozzles on diesel motors that will redefine the performance and fuel consumption standard for the automotive industry. This technology holds a great deal of potential for new business in the coming decades. But that’s just one pathway we are developing. Our collaborations with leading technology partners are producing exciting new products for a variety of industries.

Put your ideas to the test
Security printing is a specialist market, so we have experience with virtually all materials and processes that are currently used. As our technology partner, you can draw upon our know-how and expertise to test your new materials and processes in our secure labs. From new media for data pages in passports to new laminates and types of inks. We carry out rigorous tests to make sure the material works. And if it doesn’t work, we can help you find an alternative that will work. All materials are handled according to a systematic, highly secure process that meets your specific requirements.

Laser Applications