Document security - LogoPerfDocument security - NumberPerfCertified documents such as bank cheques, tax notes, car registration documents, birth certificates, diploma’s etcetera, are popular documents for counterfeiters to forge as they often represent high values.

Document security by laser technology

IAI offers systems and security features to protect such documents. IAI’s SheetMaster and WebMaster systems are suitable for the application of the security features NumberPerf and LogoPerf into security documents printed in sheet or web.


IAI’s systems and features are used to  improve document security all over the world:

  • Former Dutch ING Postbank cheque
  • Former Dutch passport
  • Former Dutch driving license
  • Former UK passport
  • Polish car registration document
  • South African passport
  • Various other South African security documents
  • Indian non-judicial stamp paper



More information about our systems, technologies and features is available in our brochures. You can download our brochures here. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require even more information.