LaserDriller 100

IAI has lifted the drilling of holes in fuel injectors for diesel engines to a new technology level.

nozzleDrilling with innovative laser technology  – The SmartLaserDriller system uses innovative laser technology to enable both the drilling of current holes shapes and the drilling of more complex shapes. The Smart Laser Driller 100 uses a sophisticated laser drilling technique with specially designed optical components . The laser drills the nozzle from the outside to reach to the interior. A patented technology is used to absorb excess laser energy when drilling. This guarantees that the nozzle inner walls are not damaged by the laser beam.  This is converted into a precision that is hardly feasible with currently used technologies on an industrial scale.

bottle shape holesConical holes and freely configurable – The Smart Laser Driller 100 allows the drilling of slightly to strongly conical holes in a wide range of parameters. Moreover, it is possible to drill holes with bottle- shaped geometry in a wide range of parameters. Throughput is independent of the hole geometry, it depends only from the hole volume.

High accuracy and repeatability – Holes are drilled in absolute precision and with a narrow tolerance range. This creates a hole uniformity that is hardly achieveable by other drilling methods.


Better engine and consumption behaviour

Smart Laser Driller 100- drilled nozzles generate special properties that have a lasting effect on the combustion and performance characteristics of the engine. Particularly with regard to:

  • Improved motor performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption and particle emissions