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IAI is an expert in incorporating lasers and optical technology in innovative industrial material-processing applications.



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When you are exploring unknown territory an experienced guide is critical. If you are interested in developing new industrial applications or processes where lasers, optics, precision mechanics or control software play key roles, IAI can help. Our own broad expertise in industrial applications and systems integration allows us to develop high precision, high performance solution to meet the toughest challenges. You can also draw upon the key strengths of our daughter company, FEHA LaserTec, which specializes in designing and manufacturing highly sophisticated CO2 laser sources and optimal components for beam guiding and forming.

An expert in collaboration and customisation
Most of our new applications and systems are developed in close cooperation with leading technology integrators and partners. We also have long experience in customising our systems to meet specific customer needs, whether it’s modifying components, adapting processes or scaling systems up and down.

Get results that matter to you
Leading system integrators in security printing and other high-tech industries entrust IAI with their most challenging projects because they know we deliver results. With IAI, you get a partner with many years of experience in successfully developing and implementing new applications and technologies for a broad range of industries. Put IAI on your team and you can be sure of developing better solutions, quickly and cost-effectively.

Innovation across industries
We have been applying our expertise in lasers and optics to a variety of industries with demanding requirements over the years. These include security printing, renewable energy, automotive, aerospace, packaging, semiconductors and more. Our knowledge from a broad range of sectors has given us in-depth know-how and experience that work across industries.

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