MICROSTORM Q-switch laserOur daughter company FEHA LaserTec newest laser design is the MICROSTORM Q-switch laser system. The extraordinary performance of the Q-switch COlaser series MICROSTORM offers users new possibilities in material processing concerning quality, productivity and material treatment in general.

Typical pulses have half-power width of  less than 1µs and a maximum pulse peak power of up to 100 kW;  the laser will be available in various versions with an average power up to 700 W. A pulse sequence frequency up to 40 kHz is possible. Material processing restrictions of CO2 lasers out of the past can be left behind. Laser material processing of new materials is now possible as far as significant quality improved processing of materials treated already today by CO2 lasers.

The high average power of the MICROSTORM will allow high productivity material handling and impresses with its extraordinary cost-of-ownership performance. The MICROSTORM will conquer  applications that up to now solely seemed to be restricted to modern psec- lasers.