LogoPerf can be used to protect documents such as passports, diplomas, certificates, entry tickets, etc. 

The LogoPerf security feature

Special laser technology is used to perforate fine lines through the document substrate. These lines together form an image which can have almost any desired form. Contrary to mechanical perforations, laser perforations are not characterized by burrs or bulging. This can be easily verified by the naked eye or feel.

LogoPerf offers security similar to a watermark. The feature offers good protection against digifeiting as it cannot be copied by a copying machine or a scanner. Also, a perforated logo will be noticed and remembered by the public because of its distinctive character.


The perforated logo is hardly visible when looked at under normal conditions. However it will become clearly visible when the document is held to a light source.

The feature does not interfere with the print on the document and can be positioned anywhere on the page. Therefore, the LogoPerf feature can be easily integrated into an existing document design.