MicroPerf is highly counterfeit-proof and does not interfere with the banknote design.

The MicroPerf security feature

In 1996, the Swiss security printer Orell Füssli and IAI cooperated in the development of a new security feature using laser perforation for the protection of banknotes. This so called MicroPerf security feature is a perforation representing e.g. the domination’s value.


MicroPerf is highly counterfeit-proof due to the very small holes applied by the MicroPerf laser perforation system. As the holes are elliptical and not circular, they are extremely hard to imitate. The holes are arranged to form predetermined patterns and cannot be created by any mechanical means. Checking for this security feature is comparable to checking for a watermark. Thus it can easily be verified by the public and no additional tools are required.

The micro-perforated pattern is not visible when looking down on a note, but is clearly visible when the note is held up against the light. This means that the feature can be integrated into an existing banknote design easily, as it does not interfere with the banknote design.

The feature is an economical solution for countries issuing larges volumes of banknotes, as it removes rather than adds anything to the banknote. The MicroPerf feature has been introduced in Swiss, Lithuanian, Russian and Romanian banknotes.

Russian bank note





MicroPerf in Russian banknote





MicroPerf in Swiss banknote