IAI and the University of Delft have a radically new type of UV excimer laser available for application development.

Sirius excimer laser applicationsirius excimer laserLaser characteristics

The excimer laser system has unique characteristics:

  • High average output power of 1000 Watts UV. This is the highest average power of a single excimer laser system available for production use.
  • The laser system has a long pulse duration of approximately 200 ns. This allows an excellent beam quality that is nearly diffraction limited. The beam can be extremely well focussed compared to traditional excimer lasers.

Traditional excimer lasers use mask technology to project the beam to the work field, and a significant part of the beam’s energy is lost. The Sirius Excimer system has no need for mask technology and the beam can be split into multiple parallel beams due to the high energy and excellent beam quality. This means the excimer laser can perform high speed processing at high quality levels, at costs which are unmatched by other UV lasers.

Sirius excimer laser
Sirius Small hole drilling (in CFRP)
sirius excimer laser
Sirius Crystallization (Courtesy of Dimes)

Application examples

This makes the laser system well suited for industrial applications, such as:

  • Illumination with long pulse length, used in the processing of solar panels, flat screens etcetera.
  • Drilling clean, precise holes in metals and other hard and/or composite materials with limited recast and de-laminating.

Available for application development

The laser system is available at the University of Delft in the dedicated Sirius Laser Facility. Please download the information leaflet below for more information about application development or contact Dr. Roger Groves, Director of the Delft Sirius Laser Facility, for application testing on the Sirius Laser.

If application development with the Sirius laser was successful, IAI can design, supply, install and maintain production systems incorporating the excimer laser.