Who can turn<br> 
your good idea<br> 
into a best practice?

Who can turn
your good idea
into a best practice?

When you are exploring unknown territory,
an experienced guide is critical. IAI can help.

Can your standards<br> 
be too high when it<br> 
comes to security?

Can your standards
be too high when it
comes to security?

Passports, ID-cards and banknotes are some
of society’s most valuable possessions. That's
why document fraud has such an enormous impact.

Are you talking<br>
about the next step<br>
or are you taking it?

Are you talking
about the next step
or are you taking it?

Large-scale investments in manufacturing systems for
demanding markets involve a great deal of risk. One success
factor is deep engagement with specialist partners.

Do you make<br>
the deadline, or<br> 
do you master it?

Do you make
the deadline, or
do you master it?

The competition in the security printing market is heating up. IAI
offers highly valued security technologies and printing solutions
that give you an edge in this fiercely competitive area.

Do you settle for a<br> 
supplier, or do you<br> 
select a partner?

Do you settle for a
supplier, or do you
select a partner?

As the world becomes more connected and
complex, choosing partners you respect and
trust becomes more important than ever.

Tilt your expectations

At IAI, we assure long-term value by tilting your expectations. As one of the world’s most successful pioneers in laser and optics technologies, we help you take the next step to the future. We have built our reputation on developing unique industrial applications and custom solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers and partners.

From new levels of protection and productivity for passports, ID cards and banknotes to novel manufacturing processes and technologies that pave the way to new breakthroughs. Many governments, technology partners and enterprises around the world entrust their challenging projects with us because they value the reliability, accountability and responsibility we deliver.

Market Solutions

Extreme precision laser technology

When Theodore Maiman demonstrated the first laser in 1960, his assistant Irnee D‘Haenens joked that the laser was “a solution looking for a problem”. Since then, lasers have found many unexpected problems to solve. We’ve solved many unsolved problems with lasers ourselves, creating a unique system for contactless laser soldering of solar cells, producing easy tear packaging and innovative laser drilling systems that improve diesel motor performance. But we are just scratching the surface. There is a wealth of potential value still waiting to be discovered, together with you. Learn more.


Security features

LogoPerf offers security similar to a watermark. Special laser technology is used to perforate fine lines through the document substrate. These lines together form an image which can have almost any desired form.
ImagePerf is a perforated repetition of the holder’s photograph. Special laser technology is used to create minute holes right through the document’s substrate.
IAI supplies Laser Perforating Systems for the application of MicroPerf in banknotes. The micro-perforated pattern is not visible when looking down on a note, but is clearly visible when the note is held up against the light.    
NumberPerf uniquely identifies documents, as a unique number is perforated. The laser creates holes which have no reverse embossing.  

Around the world.

References in Security Printing

IAI's equipment is used to personalise and secure leading documents all over the world.


Your solution from IAI will be professionally supported over its entire life cycle – from installation and start-up to its daily use in production. You choose the support solution that best fits your needs.

We offer comprehensive Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance service contracts that can be delivered by our certified service technicians. If you prefer, we can train your in-house service team or a local service team to deliver these services. You choose the service intervals, response times, performance criteria and other service levels required. We can provide additional training as needed and access to certified parts to keep your production running smoothly and productively. To meet changing needs or take advantage of new capabilities, you have access to new innovations as they become available. So you can continue to add more value to your customers now and in the future.


Helpdesk support




Parts deliveries



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The right questions help us better understand you and bring fresh answers to your toughest challenges. Whether it’s about costs, quality, performance, service or sales. You’ll be surprised what we can achieve together.

So here are our questions for you. What’s keeping you awake at night? What do you want to do? What do you need and how can we help? What more do you want to know?

Get in touch with us and let’s start finding the answers together.


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Your solution from IAI will be professionally supported over its entire life cycle – from installation and start-up to its daily use in production.

For easy and quick reference, please fill in the contact form to ask for support or to report a system error to our service team. One of our highly trained service engineers will contact you shortly.

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