CardMaster systems

IAI's CardMaster series consist of advanced systems for the complete personalisation of government and financial cards.

CardMaster series

The CardMaster series is a family of systems specially developed for the personalisation and securing of government and financial cards. The CardMaster systems have a modular set-up. You can choose the functionalities required for your project. The systems are designed for sustained high quality production in an industrial environment. The ergonomic design, the user friendly touch screen display and the ease-of-use allow the operator to control the systems easily under all circumstances.

CardMaster OneNew CardMaster One

The CardMaster One is a fully automated system for high volume card personalisation for government and financial cards. Download the brochure below.

CardMaster DeskIAI_20111110_0610

The CardMaster Desk is a fully automated system suitable for mid-volume card personalisation. Download the brochure below.