Security printing

Passports, identity cards and banknotes are some of society’s most valuable possessions. That is why document fraud can have such an enormous impact on a country’s national security, politics and economy.

Document Security Solutions

When you work for a government agency responsible for issuing passports, identity cards, banknotes and others, you strive to make them as secure as possible. Coming up with effective new measures that enhance a document’s design is one thing. Integrating them successfully is a different issue when it involves complex documents and production lines.


IAI has years of experience doing both across the full spectrum of security documents. But that is just the start. Our solutions are highly valued for providing effective new security measures that lock out counterfeiters in every corner of the world. Many governments entrust their challenging projects with us because they value the reliability, accountability and results we deliver.

Our systems are designed with the advanced security and/or personalisation features you need to safeguard your documents. Their modular design allows you to create a custom system that meets your specific needs for functionality, speed, finishing and special applications, like laser perforation. Each system features our unique laser and inkjet applied technologies that are robust, highly counterfeit-proof and easy to verify.

BookMaster series
For secure and personalised printing of passports

CardMaster series
For secure and personalised printing of ID cards and licences

SheetMaster Flex
For applying high level, first line security features to certified documents printed on sheets

WebMaster Flex
For applying high level, first line security features to certified documents printed from roll-to-roll

MicroPerf system
To apply MicroPerf security feature onto banknotes


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