Security document solutions

IAI has been a supplier to the security printing market since 1995. We supply personalisation equipment and security features for a broad spectrum of documents.

Lock out counterfeiters

Passports, identity cards and banknotes are some of society’s most valuable possessions. That is why document fraud can have such an enormous impact on a country’s national security, politics and economy.

Whether you work for a government agency, printing house or central bank, you strive to produce the most secure documents or banknotes possible. Coming up with effective new measures that enhance a document’s design is one thing.

Integrating them successfully is a different issue when it involves complex documents and production lines. IAI has years of experience doing both across the full spectrum of security documents: passports, ID cards, licences, banknotes and others.

Many governments, major companies and innovative technology experts work closely with us to develop effective new security measures and systems that lock out counterfeiters in every corner of the world.

Security documents