Maintenance Support consists of Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

  • Preventive Maintenance
    The maintenance carried out at regular intervals and aims to prevent malfunctions in the operation of the system(s). The system(s) are checked, adjusted, aligned, cleaned and lubricated. Modifications and updates are introduced, wear parts can be replaced when needed.
  • Corrective Maintenance
    The maintenance undertaken to remedy functional defects. Unless the fault is obvious from the customer’s error report, fault tracing will always be the first action which will be performed in a co-operation between IAI service engineers and the customer’s technical personnel by phone or internet. If possible the problem will be (temporarily) resolved by the customer’s trained technical personnel guided and supported by IAI service engineers. If necessary an IAI service engineer will be dispatched to the customer’s site.

There are a few variables possible which are defined in a Maintenance Agreement:

  • Preventive Maintenance Interval
    This is the interval between two successive preventive maintenance actions carried out by IAI. We normally advice two Preventive Maintenance visits per year, but this number can be accommodated to customer’s requirements.
  • Term of Contract
    Duration of the Maintenance Agreement in number of years.
  • Corrective Maintenance Delay
    This is the time, expressed in Working Days, passing from the moment that it becomes obvious that an IAI service engineer must be dispatched to remedy the problem onsite until his actual departure.
  • Number of Helpdesk Hours 
    Standard number of Helpdesk Hours is 40 hours per system per year. This can be adjusted to accommodate customer’s wishes.

Together with the customer, IAI will identify the possibilities. Based on customer requirements, production environment and the know-how available at the production plant, IAI will make a customised offer.