IAI knows several types of ‘parts’:

  1. Spare Parts
    Extra parts, identical to or functional replacements for parts in the equipment.
  2. Wear Parts
    Those parts of the equipment, which show wear and tear and thus need to be inspected if not replaced at regular intervals.
  3. Repaired Parts
    Expensive parts can also be repaired by original supplier, instead of replaced if customer wishes so.
  4. Consumables
    Goods used that must be replenished regularly because they are used up.

Said parts can be made available with the purchase of a Spare Part Set. The customer buys his own Spare Part Set with parts that can be used to replace damaged or worn parts and consumables. Customer takes stock and orders replenishment parts or consumables from IAI when needed. Availability of consumables can also be based on customer order due to limited stock-life and fast lead-times of most items.

IAI can make a fitting proposal with regard to parts and consumables, based on customer requirements and the production environment.