We have standard trainings available for each type of system:

  1. Operator & First line Maintenance Training
    During the training, the operator learns how to use the system on a daily basis. Special attention is paid to safety and protection of the employees when using the system. Also easy and frequent first line maintenance actions are explained, such as cleaning and replenishment of consumables. After the training, the operators are able to perform their tasks without problems.
  2. Service Training
    During the training, the technician learns how to service and maintain the system on a regular basis. The first part of the training contains mainly general service and safety issues related to the overall system configuration. The second part of the training focusses on specific service issues per system module. Special attention is paid to preventive maintenance planning to avoid system errors or production delay. Also troubleshooting actions and part replacements are explained in detail to minimize time needed for unplanned activities. After the training, the technicians are able to service and maintain the system in an effective way.

Besides the standard training, a customised training programme can be composed which is completely tailored to your wishes.  Training can take place onsite or at IAI. Based on customer requirements we can make a fitting proposal.