Uzbek passport

The Uzbek National passport is completely personalised on IAI’s BookMaster systems.

In 2010, IAI delivered a BookMaster 150 numbering system to Davlat Belgisi, the National State Printer in Uzbekistan. The BookMaster 150 is used to perforate the document number through the visa pages of the blank passport booklets.

In 2011, IAI delivered BookMaster One systems for the complete personalisation of the Uzbek passport to main contractor Oberthur Technologies.  The Uzbek passport is issued by the State Personalization Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Applications in the Uzbek passport by the BookMaster 150 and BookMaster One:

  1. NumberPerf
  2. Chip encoding
  3. Inkjet printing
  4. Lamination