The mighty holes that shut out counterfeiters. ImagePerf personalises each passport or ID-card irrevocably.

The ImagePerf security feature

A well balanced combination of security features and technologies is the best deterrent against fraud. Authorities issuing and verifying travel and identity documents express the need for first line security features which are easy to verify and difficult to counterfeit. ImagePerf is a high level personalised security feature that meets these requirements.

ImagePerf is a perforated repetition of the holder’s photograph. Special laser technology is used to create minute holes right through the document’s substrate. The holes are arranged to form an image that becomes clearly visible to the naked eye when the document is held to the light.

The holes are so small that they do not interfere with the design of the document. Security prints and personalised data remain easily legible after ImagePerf has been applied. This allows the combination of ImagePerf and printed information within the limited space available on the document.

No special guidelines, training or equipment is necessary to be able to verify the ImagePerf feature. The feature is almost self explanatory; as it is obvious that the printed photographs and the perforated photograph should match.