webmasterflex 001To ensure that your passports, identity cards and other documents can withstand the most aggressive counterfeiting attempts, IAI offers a range of premium-level security features based on our innovative laser perforating technologies.

The mighty holes that shut out counterfeiters

What makes laser perforations so invincible is that it connects the front and back of a page or document and cannot be copied or mechanically faked. Plus, it can easily apply various types of personalisation elements on different substrates to meet your needs. It is easy and economical to apply, and has proven highly effective in preventing fraud in countries across the globe.

Our laser perforated features include:

ImagePerf was first invented by us in 1998 and continues to be one of the most difficult to counterfeit and versatile security features available. It uses special laser technology to create minute holes right through the data page and document’s substrate to authenticate the original photograph.

NumberPerf uniquely identifies each passport by perforating the unique passport number through the visa pages and back cover with a laser.  NumberPerf can also be applied in paper based security documents, such as bank cheques, certificates, diplomas, etc.

MicroPerf applies a pattern of small holes on banknotes for verification. The micro-perforated pattern is not visible when looking down on a note, but is clearly visible when the note is held up against the light, making verification easy.

LogoPerf applies a repetitive image, such as a national logo, to documents like driving licences for verification. This feature offers protection similar to a watermark and allows easy and reliable authentication of the document.

What about verification and integration with other features?

Officials can easily authenticate the traveller’s identity by simply tilting the passport page against the light to make the hidden information visible. Our perforation features can be used for a broad range of documents and can be easily integrated in our personalised passport systems, card systems and bank note printing systems. Whatever system you choose, you can be sure of getting reliable, single pass document production and maximum throughput.